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Science 7 years ago
For the record she isn't listening to music; those are to cancel all sound (if she's listening to anything it's white noise. It goes with the bondage and the eye mask for sensory deprivation; she can't see or hear anything but she can still feel- her sense of touch is heightened this way.
Yess 6 years ago
So want this done to me
Mater's little slave 9 years ago
I love when my Master does things like this to me. The best reward I could ask for. (;
Sexybitch 11 years ago
Fuck! This made me cum and cum over and over again! Id pay to have this done to me!
glen 11 years ago
ouch. i pity her clit
Lol 8 years ago
Love how you posted that on rememberance day, mate
OMG! 11 years ago
I would pay BIG money to have this done to me!
Declan 11 years ago
Where are all these girls who want this done to them?! And why don't they live around me?
Really wet 6 years ago
I came so hard watching this, Can only dream of how hard i would come if someone did it to me.
daddysgirl 6 years ago
I would love to have this done